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"Wealthy Mafioso" (MAFI) is a very popular crew created by Wealthy_____, KILL_MACHINE_0 and I_HURT_PEOPL, that is OFFICIALLY coming out on DECEMBER 23RD, 2014. They already have well over 110 members and the crew isn't open until DECEMBER 23RD. MostWanted738 is the leader of this royal-classed crew.


Logos and it's meaning

Patch 1.03 (Current Logo)- The Wealthy Mafioso (MAFI) patch 1.03 logo is the current logo at the top right hand corner. The tiger is representing how they're the kings and superior crew. The skulls represent the 3 BCOAnation crews, "Billionaire Company" (GREEN) "Wealthy Mafioso" (BLUE), and "Sunset Killerz" (ORANGE). The king's crown that the tiger is wearing is saying that they're wearing the elite. (Sunset Killerz). The crosses represents Christianity. The (Sunset Killerz) elite guns represents that they're the elite crew killing for the head crew, "Billionaire Company" (BCOA). The palm trees represent the trio's hometown (Beverly Hills, California).

Patch 1.02 and 1.01 (Previous Logos)- The patch 1.02 and 1.01 logo is Wealthy Mafioso's previous logo's.

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