Wealthy_____ (AKA the 15 year old dumbass that crashed Steven's Koenigsegg Agera R in front of another car at a stoplight, while trying to resist the cops in a huge street race in Beverly Hills, CA. He has been put in juvy for 14 days on November 22nd, 2014, as well as the 5 others that got pulled over by the cops that morning in the massive rich kids street race), is the 1st person to join the BCOAnation after StevenBelser, KILL_MACHINE_0, and I_HURT_PEOPL. He is one of the kids that lives on Shadow Hill Way, as well as StevenBelser, KILL_MACHINE_0, and I_HURT_PEOPL. Wealthy_____ is one of the 3 MAIN commissioners of "Billionaire Company" (BCOA) and THE MAIN founder of the BCOA created crew,"Wealthy Mafioso" (MAFI). Well, no da, it was named after him. He was originally the leader of the crew, but after his sexting act on November 7th, his dad has taken his GTA V away. So, MostWanted738 is the new leader of "Wealthy Mafioso," coming December 23rd!


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