"I_HURT_PEOPL" is StevenBelser's and KILL_MACHINE_0's best friend in real life. He was the bully that hit KILL_MACHINE_0 with a lacrosse ball. He lives on Shadow Hill Way in Beverly Hills, California. He was born on December 4th, 1998 in Milan, Italy. He is one of the 3 founders of BCOAnation and he is one of the main commissioners of the nation's head crew, "Billionaire Company" (BCOA) and "Wealthy Mafioso" (MAFI)


I_HURT_PEOPL is 5 feet 7 inches tall. He has dark brown hair and light brown eyes. His hair is said to be "perfect". He is very attractive to many young, hot teenage girls. However, he gets criticized for looking younger than his age. He carries on the same fashion wear as StevenBelser.


Before 2012 and still kinda, I_HURT_PEOPL was big bully (especially to Steven when he first moved). He frequently bossed Steven and KILL_MACHINE_0. He is very much like Squidward Tentacles from Spongebob. The 3 have exactly that kind of relationship. Where Steven's Spongebob, KILL_MACHINE_0's Patrick Star and I_HURT_PEOPL's Squidward. It's kind of freaky how they acted like them from the episodes. Now, I_HURT_PEOPL has a very whiny, selfish personality. He acts like he's the center of the universe (well, when Steven isn't around). If anything does not go his way, he will whine about it, and do whatever he can to get what he wants. He does get angry very easily. He's a coward. He will take his anger out on someone easier like like KILL_MACHINE_0. Like when the 3 go to Six Flags: Magic Mountain in the summer of 2014, KILL_MACHINE_0 is about to waist all of the $500 his mom gave him. They do the water squirting game with their last $10. After a bunch of shoving and ramming each other, StevenBelser wins the toy raccoon because he got his water to the top. I_HURT_PEOPL then tackles KILL_MACHINE_0 then StevenBelser jumps on them and they all end up getting ejected and banned from Six Flags property for the rest of 2014. This is all because of I_HURT_PEOPL's cowardly anger. Why didn't he just take it out on StevenBelser? Did Steven put that much fear into him mentally? He even shows it again in the beginning of November when he and KILL_MACHINE_0 get arrested for drag racing. He looked at KILL_MACHINE_0 in the cell like he wanted to murder him. But, Steven escaped. Why didn't he rat him out when he got released? What does StevenBelser really do to them? He is seemed to be sort-of girly and act like Steven. He is notorious for being the "sweetest thing ever" to girls.


Tay Tay, Detti, Ben, TD, Det,


I_HURT_PEOPL's real name is Taylor

I_HURT_PEOPL dated StevenBelser's sister for 37 days

Before 2012, Steven and Taylor weren't best friends

He has 8 girlfriends currently (7 are over 18)

He has over 48,000 twitter followers, over 62,000 instagram followers, and over 40,000 vine followers

He is currently home schooled

He wears DuWop Lip Venom on his lips

He finished 10th and 11th grade in 4 months (he's now in 12th grade)

His mom was 17 when she had him

His father left his family 16 months after he had him

He has a guest house on his property on Shadow Hill Way in Beverly Hills, California

KILL_MACHINE_0 and I_HURT_PEOPL are next door neighbors.

He was the second to join the 3

He was born in Milan, Italy and lived there for 2 years before moving to Shadow Hill Way, in Beverly Hills, California

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